ThinkFilM! is a student symposium dedicated to the discussion of problems in current film culture and innovative projects in the field of film communication (for more detailed information see below).

Admission to the Symposium is free, but we request that you register via mail before the 6th of July.

Our Programme is available as a downloadable PDF. Please note that there may still be slight changes: ThinkFilM_Programm_BIS_09-07-17

0001.jpg0002The Symposium opens Thursday at 6 pm with a curated programme of film clips and shorts that all address questions of reflexivity in film. Friday is dedicated to polish film culture, problems of repertory cinema, the impact of european film festivals for indian independent films, questions of film funding, ethics of restoration and the impact of digitization on documentary forms. The Saturday programme engages with film education and its current state in Poland and the Czech Republic and in what way Museums and film festivals can be involved. The topics of our last panel are criticism and essayism as a possible form of criticism, proposing the question of why film museums have had to face fundamental criticism considering their raison d´être. The Symposium closes with a round table discussion with guests.

In the evening we highly suggest the Programme of our Partners, the Deutsche Filminstitut|Filmmuseum, which shows rare technicolor prints accompanied by Lectures and Introductions about Technicolor, early Colouring Methods and Restoration by Céline Ruivo (Cinémathèque Française), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdel (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin) and Christoph Draxtra (KommKino).



Thursday, July 13th, 6pm

Opening Screening at the Institute for Theater-, Film-, and Media Studies

SELFREFLEXIVITY IN FILM – with 16mm Treasures of the University Film Archive and other digital formats


Friday, July 14th, 6pm | at Deutsches Filminstitut/Filmmuseum (Introduction by Céline Ruivo)

LA CUCARACHA USA 1934. Lloyd Corrigan. 20 Min. 16mm. OV

THE BEAUTIFUL BLONDE FROM BASHFUL BEND US 1949. Preston Sturges 77 Min. 35mm. English OV with French Subtitles


Friday, July 14th, 8.30pm (Introduction by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdel)

DAS RÄTSEL VON BAGALOR (different Versions) D 1918. Alexander von Antalffy, Paul Leni. 1 Min. 35mm & Digital

ROCKETSHIP X-M Rakete Mond startet USA 1950. Kurt Neumann. 77 Min. 35mm. German Version


Friday, July 14th, 10.30 pm (Introduction by Christoph Draxtra)

CRISTIANA MONACA INDEMONIATA I 1972. Sergio Bergonzelli. 98 Min. 35mm. Italian OV with English Subtitles


Saturday, July 15th, 8.30 pm

GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES USA 1953. Howard Hawks 91 Min. 35mm. English OV with Swedish Subtitles